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Approximately 71 percent of workers report interruptions at work, according to Forbes magazine. It’s not just one thing, but a million little tasks and to-do items that add up to destroy any sense of cohesion and productivity to a day at work.

Excessive Distractions Damage Efficiency and Accuracy

Because distractions in the workplace are such a big problem, there are hundreds of productivity solutions and fixes. While they may also sound great at first, they fall by the wayside as they cannot possibly live up to the many simultaneous demands of the day. Most people make a valiant effort to get through all the busy work, keep on task and get through the quickly mounting pile(s) of paperwork, but struggling productivity levels gradually give way to increasing frustration and flagging enthusiasm. How can it possibly be otherwise?

Why Distractions Are Damaging

Distraction and constant interruptions are bad for your brain, and they can lead to a lower attention span, lack of information retention, loss of productivity and increased error rate.  Ultimately, efficiency plummets.

Human brains are just not wired to work well as multi-tasking organs. With the stack of tasks and papers and simultaneous demands on time and energies, human brains switch between the tasks as quickly as possible. They don’t actually “multi-task” or work on several things at the same time. The attempt to force the brain to switch between tasks leads to a loss of the information because the information gets sent to the wrong place, but it also leads to more severe distractive tendencies. For example, employees may give in to the addictive influences of social media or even just the urge to check email every five minutes.

How Does ChartSwap Revolutionize Workflow?

The many demands of the office environment are problematic, but ChartSwap offers a simple solution for responding to a chart request and streamlining the entire process. That means there are fewer distractions, which leads to better efficiency and accuracy. Since patient records are all accessible via the same centralized platform, it’s the ideal solution for single-sourced and accurate diagnostic and patient recordkeeping functions.


ChartSwap is also completely customizable for the needs of each practice, which further minimizes disruptive or superfluous functions or requirements from the workflow process. It’s designed to streamline the process of requesting, handling and exchanging critical confidential information — with the philosophy that recordkeeping should not involve a series of phone calls, emails, and other old-fashioned forms of communication.

It should not be painful or time-consuming. Instead, it should be a relatively quick-and-easy process by which only authorized personnel can access, facilitate payment for and utilize patient records for approved purposes, with clear and trackable communication.

How ChartSwap Allows Mitigation of Privacy Considerations in a Distraction Minimized Way

ChartSwap can also mitigate some considerations related to HIPAA compliance and secure handling of a chart request, while still adequately supporting the evolving needs of patients and authorized colleagues who all need access to the same medical records. Training then becomes more about how to best use ChartSwap to solve many of the issues the practice is experiencing, while also continuing to reinforce many of the basic tenants of HIPAA regulations.

Security and patient privacy will always be of foremost consideration but should not be leading to an overly stressful or distraction-ridden working environment. ChartSwap offers solutions that allow employees to delineate a process for easy and secure access, with patient privacy always of the utmost importance and consideration.

Patients should understand their rights, but employees must understand how a streamlined and error-free process allows them to protect the privacy and security of their patients when a chart request comes through. ChartSwap is designed to streamline the health information exchange process as related to health information management and electronic health records, but it also facilitates the ability of employees to streamline processes and procedures in every other aspect of the office as well.

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