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About ChartSwap

What is ChartSwap?

ChartSwap is a fast, simple and secure business-to-business (B2B) record exchange platform – connecting a rapidly expanding network of requestors and providers. Our mission is to revolutionize the way personal health information (PHI) is transmitted, improving efficiency and reducing costs on both sides of the record retrieval process.

How does ChartSwap Work?

The ChartSwap platform simply and securely facilitates the exchange or transmission of healthcare and billing records by making the process fast and easy.

  • A requestor (law firm, record retrieval vendor, insurer, etc.) uses ChartSwap to request records.
  • The receiving provider reviews the request and determines whether it can provide the records.
  • If the provider chooses to provide the records, it uploads them into the ChartSwap platform.
  • After the provider uploads the records to ChartSwap, the requestor is notified of records being available to purchase.
  • The requestor uses ChartSwap to pay the custodian fee and download the records.
  • ChartSwap then transfers the custodian fee to the provider of the records.

How does ChartSwap use patient records?

ChartSwap does not use patient records. It provides a platform for requestors and providers to exchange patient records. ChartSwap will only access patient records for a limited number of reasons, such as when it is necessary by law or for a customer service purpose.

Privacy & Security

Is ChartSwap really secure and HIPAA compliant?

Yes, ChartSwap meets HIPAA guidelines for compliance in our policies and technical safeguards. ChartSwap is built on the platform, recognized as having a leading security infrastructure with world-class physical, administrative and technical security safeguards.  We also have comprehensive information security and privacy policies. Through our advanced event monitoring, ChartSwap administrators receive detailed reports accounting for every action that occurs on the system. For more information, please visit our Security page.

Does ChartSwap keep a backup of records and files?

ChartSwap servers securely store a copy of the files temporarily, allowing requestors up to 90 days to download the records after they have purchased them. ChartSwap is not meant to serve as permanent storage, but only a means of securely transferring files from one entity to another.

How does ChartSwap use patient records?

It’s simple: We don’t.
ChartSwap only provides a secure online platform for requestors and providers to exchange patient records. ChartSwap will only access patient records for a limited number of reasons, such as when it is required by law or in the process of fulfilling a customer service request.

What is GDPR, and why is it important to ChartSwap?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is intended to establish one single set of data protection and privacy rules across Europe.  The GDPR seeks to increase citizen awareness – in the EU as well as across the globe – of how and why their data is being used. The new law lays out sweeping changes regarding the rights of a “data subject,” or a citizen who has his or her data processed.

For instance, a data subject must be aware that their data is indeed being processed under the new law, and the legislation forces companies to articulate that fact in plain language, so there’s no room for misunderstanding.  Data subjects also have a right to know why the data is being processed, to have access to the information in question and to have the ability to have it erased. In addition, the GDPR forces companies to notify supervisory authorities of a data breach within 72 hours of the incident.

Citizens affected by the breach should be notified “without undue delay,” according to the regulation.  The GDPR applies to any company, located anywhere in the world, that processes the data of EU citizens. The legislation is not exclusive to the European Union.

Account Information

I've registered for ChartSwap, but I haven't received my temporary password. Help?

When you sign up for a ChartSwap account, you’ll get a ‘Welcome’ email and a separate email with your temporary password. We use the temporary password to verify your email address before granting access to the site. You’ll then be able to create your own password for future use. If you didn’t get a temporary password email, be sure to check your spam folder.

If you do not receive a welcome email or a temporary password email, the wrong email may be registered. In this case, please feel free to email us.  If you forgot your password or need a new temporary password, you can enter your email address here.

Password Isn't Working / I have a ChartSwap Account but I am unable to log-in. Help?

First, make sure you’re logging in with the correct username.
Your username is your email address.
If your password still isn’t working, you’ll have to reset it and request a new temporary password. We will send the new temporary password to your email address. You can request a new temporary password.

The temporary password is a random jumble of letters, numbers and symbols. If you’re having trouble with your temporary password, sometimes using Copy + Paste command from the body of your email straight over to ChartSwap will do the trick. Temporary passwords are only good for one use, and you’ll be able to create your own password for future use before accessing the ChartSwap system.

Billing & Payments

What is the Instant Download Fee?

Per our user agreement, ChartSwap charges requestors a transaction fee if the requestor elects to use our service to deliver their requested records electronically. Our service is always optional. The requestor can opt-out and choose to have the records fulfilled through the traditional method of mailed records via the provider. In the case this option is chosen, the provider fees and invoice will still be issued through the ChartSwap software. Although payment is executed through the ChartSwap software, there will not be a ChartSwap Instant Download Fee. The provider will mail records to the requestor, once payment has been received.

How do custodian fees work?

Custodian fees are entirely separate from Electronic delivery fees. All custodian fees are set by the provider, within state-determined guidelines. All funds paid by requestors via our secure online payment platform are transferred directly to the provider. ChartSwap only acts as a facilitator of the transaction.

As a records provider, you set the amount for each applicable fee. ChartSwap customizes each custodian’s payment portal according to the specifications provided to us. You also can decide on whether or not you want to offer certain options, such as a Rush Fee, depending on the processes and procedures of your office.

What is ChartSwap’s relationship with PayPal?

ChartSwap utilizes PayPal for easy, fast and secure payment transactions. Checks can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days from a requestor send to when we receive and apply to the corresponding request. Making and receiving electronic payments can significantly reduce turnaround on your request fulfillments – as documents are usually made available to the requestor as soon as we receive a credit or debit card payment, which happens instantly.

However, requestors do not need to register a PayPal account to simply pay for records with a credit or debit card. An electronic payment can be made directly via our secure online payment platform, which is integrated with PayPal for a seamless and secure online billing experience.

Can you make billing simplified? EX: ACH/Billing system integration

Yes. For our large-volume customers, invoicing and payments can be customized based on the providing medical office’s needs. To learn more, email us.

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