Received a request from MRC?

If you're a custodian of records and have received a request from MRC, you can use ChartSwap

to fulfill the request by uploading or faxing records. Simply input your custodian fee, upload and/or fax

paper records using the cover sheet provided and receive payment through ChartSwap.

Upload records via ChartSwap's FREE, secure HIPAA Compliant Platform

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HIPAA Grade Security and Encryption


  • FREE to all medical practices
  • Manage all requests online and view your progress on each request or in aggregate
  • Receive fewer phone calls from requestors
  • Mitigate HIPAA liability by eliminating insecure methods of transmission and reducing the risk of unauthorized disclosure
  • Leverage your investment in electronic medical records to gain efficiencies inherent to a completely electronic workflow


  • Web hosted solution, with no additional hardware or software required
  • Merge electronic and paper records
  • Track all release of Information disclosures with searchable database
  • Sign certifications and other documents electronically
  • Electronic notary services available through Sign Now

For questions about the request you received, please contact MRC at (888) 868-6769

For questions or training relating to the ChartSwap platform, please contact us at (855) 879-7927


How to send records electronically in response to a paper or faxed request

1) Sign into ChartSwap. From the home screen, select the link for "Paper Requests"


2) Select MRC from the list of Requestors. Check to make sure you have located the correct Requestor by verifying address information, then click on the "Fulfill Request" button


3) Complete all applicable fields, making sure to upload records, an invoice and specify the custodian fee, then click the "Share Record" button


Note: Please refer to MRC's Request number in the field titled "3rd Party Request #." MRC's request number is located on the request letter. For example:




4) You're done! The requestor will recive an email notification that records have been uploaded. MRC will now pay for the records and you will receive payment via Paypal.



How to fax records through ChartSwap

You can use ChartSwap to combine your electronic and paper records. Even if you don't have electronic records, you can use ChartSwap to fax records to MRC, and still utilize ChartSwap's payment feature to receive your custodian fees.


1) Fulfill a request and specify that you have paper records to fax.


2) Print the fax cover page and use it to fax records to ChartSwap


If you have further questions, please contact us, or visit our help pages.