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50% Faster Records Fulfillment Across The Largest National Network Of Medical Records Providers

Request records from the largest hospital systems, clinics, and specialty providers.

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The Fast (And Secure) Way To Request Medical & Billing Records Online

Connect With 30,000+  Medical Record Providers In Just A Click

Request Any Kind of Billing Or Medical Record

Via our secure and HIPPA-compliant online portal, custodians can send EHRs and even paper records in minutes.

Instant Notifications & Advanced Record Request Tracking

Providers are instantly notified of your records request and tracking features allow you to keep tabs on pending requests with a click.

Rapid Response & Immediate Downloads

Providers can reply to your records requests inside our centralized communications hub and upload your request in response.

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ChartSwap is the most user-friendly platform for record retrieval. CloudNetwork expands the number of providers available to request records from. From record requests to payments – everything is extremely fast and simple.

CloudNetwork by ChartSwap

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