Medical Canvass by ChartSwap

Discover When & Where an Individual Received Medical Treatment

A Medical Canvass is a data-driven tool designed to target medical facilities in a specific geographic area to identify when and where an individual may (or may not) have received medical treatment(s).

A Medical Canvass provides the ability to capture historical medical treatment where gaps in information may exist. Typically, the starting point for a canvass is the subject’s home address, but it can be equally important to search areas around prior addresses as well.

Uncover Valuable Medical Treatment History

  • Uncovers/Discovers previously unknown or undisclosed treatment provider locations
  • Provides treatment dates for identified providers
  • Verifies treatment for specific time periods
  • Rules out prior treatments that may indicate pre-existing conditions
  • Paints a full picture of historical treatment timelines
  • Allows law firms and records retrieval companies to target formal records requests more effectively from a treating facility – whether via authorization or subpoena
  • Targets accurate prescription histories
  • Provides ability to order initial treatment timeline report without requirement of signed medical authorization
  • Allows attorneys to identify providers when clients may not remember when and where they treated
  • Provides option to canvass any and all types of medical facilities upon request
  • Eliminates the need for costly blanket subpoenas
  • Offers low, flat fee cost structure

Terms & Conditions

Medical Canvassing is not guaranteed to locate treatment providers or dates. Medical Canvassing is designed to target medical facilities based on mileage from a starting address as provided by the ordering party. Medical Canvassing may return treatment locations and treatment dates only if data exists at the facilities being canvassed. Ordering party fully understands and acknowledges that ChartSwap has no control as to whether relevant treatment data may exist at a facility. Efforts will be made to determine whether patient records exist, and, if appropriate, gain authorization to retrieve applicable treatment data. In the event that no treatment data is located, ordering party fully understands and acknowledges that all fees paid at the time of submission are still valid and non-refundable.