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SOC 2 stands for “System and Organization Controls” 2, a reporting framework that stores data in a cloud. This compliance mandate is more complex and comprehensive than HIPAA Compliance requirements, which is why ChartSwap is the best option for fast, simple and secure data management for all personal health information (PHI).

Beyond HIPAA - SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 is the best way to avoid the security struggle and get right to the point with the nation’s  safest and most reliable business-to-business (B2B) health information exchange (HIE). With SOC 2 Type II Certification, ChartSwap offers a level of assurance for Record Retrieval Companies that their sensitive data is safe and secure.

What Is SOC 2? How Does It Compare?

SOC 2 is based on the Trust Service Criteria from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This framework is a technical audit that ensures that companies comply with security guidelines for confidentiality, availability, integrity, and processing.

  • SOC 1 was designed for financial data reporting related to internal controls. SOC 1 compliance indicates that the provider has taken steps to protect the customer from risks associated with financials.
  • SOC 2 relates to IT security and privacy for healthcare and customer record management. SOC 2 compliance demonstrates that the provider has taken steps to protect any confidential or personal data.
  • SOC 3 is one step further than SOC 2, so it reports the same information. SOC 3 is intended to be an outline for a general audience.

Compared with other compliance initiatives, SOC 2 is the best way to ensure secure and reliable data management. The audit determines compliance by evaluating oversight procedures, a mechanism for alerts, audit trails, and actionable analytics.

Why Does SOC 2 Matter? Why Is SOC 2 Compliance Important?

SOC 2 is applied to SaaS companies, but also any records management companies and medical services organizations. The SOC 2 processes set up and ensure viable security, but they must also ensure that corrective action can occur.

  • SOC 2 is an audit procedure that ensures secure data management.
  • It’s the minimal requirement because of the concern over privacy and security.
  • Compliance establishes protocols for monitoring for suspicious behavior and unauthorized access.
  • The standards and protocols developed for SOC 2 certification demonstrate that a company is reliable because it has been evaluated and approved.

SOC 2 Type II Certification is not a one-and-done process. Type II determines the veracity and security of data management procedures based on ongoing internal security practices.
SOC Type II certification is a badge of trust and reliability for Record Retrieval Companies.

What Does SOC 2 Mean To ChartSwap?

ChartSwap is a nationwide HIE solution, so security is the top priority. To ensure the best protection for all web-based exchanges of information, ChartSwap is built with a top-notch security infrastructure. Here are just a few of the compliance and security considerations that we’ve established:

  • ChartSwap is HIPAA-compliant, which means that it meets the privacy and security requirements for physical and technical safeguards. ChartSwap meets the HIPAA Compliance requirements for backup, encryption, data integrity and storage, authorization and disposal.
  • ChartSwap is built on the framework, which means it has technical security safeguards in place as part of its inherent security infrastructure.
  • ChartSwap is SOC2 Type II certified, which means that it continually evaluates developments and threats as part of its comprehensive security policies and procedures. Complete audits and security measures guarantee up-to-date, stringent privacy and data protection, 24/7.

SOC II Certified The SOC 2 Type II Certification means that ChartSwap is committed to high-level and reliable data security practices.

The audit process verifies the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the data management processes and procedures.

The Bottom Line: What Sets ChartSwap Apart?

ChartSwap is revolutionizing the exchange of EHRs/EMRs and paper medical records not only because it is unequaled in terms of data security but also because it’s fast and easy to use for insurance companies, records retrieval companies, law firms and other entities that deal with the routine transmission of PHI.

The fact that ChartSwap is SOC 2 certified means that our software guarantees an increased level of security for all PHI, unparalleled by current HIPAA Compliance standards. Given our compliance with HIPAA Compliance requirements, in addition to SOC 2, Type II certification, it is guaranteed that ChartSwap features enterprise-class security features and state-of-the-art encryption – making security our number-one priority

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