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Connect With 35,000+ Medical Records Providers Across The Nation

HIPAA-Compliant, web-based software that allows you to request medical records & billing information online.

Fully Automated & Cloud-Based No software installations or hardware purchases needed.
Request Any Kind of Billing Or Medical Record From Registered Providers Across The Nation Send electronic requests or paper requests.
Instant Notifications Your registered medical records provider is instantly notified of your records request.
Rapid Response Providers can reply to your records requests and upload in response.

Connect With Thousands Of Record Providers In Just A Click

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Meet CloudNetwork™

Expanding Your Network Of Medical Records Providers

We created the CloudNetwork™ in order to bring a unified, digital experience to non-ChartSwap providers by connecting an expanded network of records providers with any requestor nationwide. As we at ChartSwap continue our mission to grow our reach, the CloudNetwork™ represents an important step towards our overall goal of encompassing within our platform every provider in the U.S.

  • Request Records From The Nation’s Largest Hospital Systems, Clinics And Specialty Providers
  • 30%-50% Faster Turn-Around Times

What To Expect When Ordering Records

When ordering medical records you will now notice two different types of records providers (CloudNetwork™ and Native ChartSwap providers).
Look for the icons below next to the provider name to know exactly which network they are a part of.

cloudnetwrok icon

Cloud Network™ Providers

30%–50% Faster Than Traditional Methods
$30 Search Fee, Paid When Order Is Placed

Look For The CloudNetwork™ Icon

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Native ChartSwap Providers

Average 10 Day Turn-Around Time
$30 Instant Download Fee, Paid When Records Are Downloaded

Look For The ChartSwap Icon


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ChartSwap: Medical Record Retrieval Software – Features & Benefits

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Designed To Make Requesting Medical Records Fast, Simple & Secure

  • Request Records With A Click
  • Immediate Downloads
  • Advanced Record Request Tracking
  • Instant Notifications
  • Centralized Communication
  • Electronic Payments Mean You Get Your Records Faster
Download Medical Records

Electronic Medical Record Downloads

The traditional records retrieval model takes weeks – sometimes months – to complete a single request. Because providers can request extensions, even the 30-day window for responding to your requests is often exceeded. Much of that time is typically concentrated in slow-moving postal service used for sending both records and payments.

Utilizing the ChartSwap platform removes the need for “snail-mail” as well as the outdated and technologically inferior fax machines. Via our secure and HIPPA-compliant online portal, custodians can send EHRs and even paper records in minutes. Once the files have been uploaded to the ChartSwap platform and paid for, they are available for download immediately. The average turnaround time for completing a request via ChartSwap is 30%–50% faster than industry average.

Advanced Records Tracking

Advanced Tracking

The lengthy time-frame for receiving records after a request has been sent usually results in the need for repeated status calls, which take up a combined total of as many as 30 minutes a week – per request! ChartSwap eliminates the need for those time-consuming calls by allowing you and your staff to track requests online via the web-based portal, which can be accessed from anywhere there’s an internet connection available. Stay updated on pending requests by keeping tabs on each one with just the click of your mouse.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Further expediting the process, ChartSwap sends out instant notifications whenever an important status update is made on any request. That means that as soon as your request has been accepted or fulfilled, you will know. No more status calls, no more waiting around, and no more wasted time. The average requestor experiences up to a 50% increase in employee productivity after beginning to utilize ChartSwap.

Centralized Communication

Centralized Communication

Requests don’t always go smoothly. Often, a custodian will reject a request for something as minor as a clerical error – typically resulting in days of additional waiting time. ChartSwap features a centralized communication platform that allows requestors and providers to stay in immediate contact without ever picking up the phone. If a custodian needs more or new information from your office to complete a request, it takes just minutes for that custodian to send you a message – and often just minutes more for you to reply with the requested documents.

electronic payment platform

Electronic Payments

Paying for records by paper check takes days. From the time your office sends the payment to the time the custodian’s staff can receive and process it may require a week or even longer. That’s all time during which you must continue to wait for the records you’ve requested. ChartSwap offers requestors a better option through our easy-to-use and straightforward electronic payment platform. Pay invoices and receive your receipt in five minutes or less, saving the man-hours and office expenses that come with the conventional payment method.

Just A Few Of The Providers You’ll Have Access To

  • Adventist Health
  • Advocate Aurora Health
  • AMITA Health
  • Ardent Health Services
  • Ascension Health
  • Atrium Health
  • Avera Health
  • Baptist Memorial Health Care
  • Bon Secours Health System
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • Community Health Systems
  • Concentra
  • Crozer-Keystone Health System
  • Encompass Health Corporation
  • Floyd Healthcare Systems
  • HCA Healthcare
  • Houston Methodist Hospital System
  • Johns Hopkins Health System
  • LifePoint Health
  • Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Mercy Health System
  • Mount Sinai Health System
  • OhioHealth
  • Orlando Health
  • Pipeline Health
  • Prime Healthcare Services
  • Promise Healthcare, Inc.
  • Prospect Medical Holdings
  • Providence Health
  • Specialty Hospitals of America
  • SSM Health
  • Tenet Healthcare
  • UnityPoint Health
  • Universal Health Services
  • West Virginia United Health System
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Stop Struggling With Paper, Faxes & Phone Calls

Frequently Asked Questions About ChartSwap & CloudNetwork™

What is ChartSwap?

ChartSwap is a fast, simple and secure business-to-business (B2B) medical records exchange software – connecting a rapidly expanding network of medical record requestors and medical record providers. Our mission is to revolutionize the way personal health information (PHI) is transmitted, improving efficiency and reducing costs on both sides of the record retrieval process.

What is CloudNetwork™?

We created the CloudNetwork™ in order to bring a unified, digital experience with an extended set of providers by digitally connecting an to an expanded network of records providers available to any ChartSwap Requestor nationwide. As ChartSwap continues to grow its reach, the CloudNetwork™ represents an important step towards our overall goal of connecting our platform to every provider in the U.S.

ChartSwap is an online health information exchange (HIE) that connects medical and billing record providers with requestors all over the country. ChartSwap’s advanced software allows us to connect thousands different parties on one common platform that enables fast, simple and secure record request fulfillment while eliminating the need for outdated modes of communication like fax machines and postal mail.

What is the difference between a CloudNetwork™ Provider and a ChartSwap Provider?

CloudNetwork™ provides a service to obtain records to an expanded set of providers outside of the Native ChartSwap Provider Base.  A Standard ChartSwap Request is one that is completed entirely within the ChartSwap platform. Native ChartSwap Providers manage and complete all fulfillment operations directly through ChartSwap without employing the use of any third-parties or outside vendors.

CloudNetwork™ Providers digitally connect their backoffice systems to ChartSwap for all request fulfillment operations They are ntegrated to createan expanded network on the Chartswap platform. CloudNetwork™ Requests allow non-ChartSwap providers to utilize Chartswap’s electronic delivery system to fulfill record requests through ChartSwap while maintaining their own in-house fulfillment operations.

How Do I Know If A Provider Is A ChartSwap Provider vs a CloudNetwrok™ Provider?

cloudnetwrok icon

When selecting a provider within your ChartSwap portal, CloudNetwork™ providers will be denoted by the CloudNetwork™ icon shown above.

How does ChartSwap Work?

The ChartSwap platform simply and securely facilitates the exchange or transmission of healthcare and billing records by making the process fast and easy.

  • A requestor (law firm, record retrieval vendor, insurer, etc.) uses ChartSwap to request records.
  • The receiving provider reviews the request and determines whether it can provide the records.
  • If the provider chooses to provide the records, it uploads them into the ChartSwap platform.
  • After the provider uploads the records to ChartSwap, the requestor is notified of records being available to purchase.
  • The requestor uses ChartSwap to pay the custodian fee and download the records.
  • ChartSwap then transfers the custodian fee to the provider of the records.

How do I send a records request through ChartSwap?

  • Search for a Provider:You can search by Billing Group, Hospital, or Facility, and remember simple searches work best.
  • Enter Patient and Request Details:‘Name,’ ‘Date of Birth,’ ‘Date or Range of Service’, as well as any comments you may have. This form is also where you’ll indicate whether or not you require an affidavit, deposition questions or other supporting documents.
  • Upload Supporting Documents:Via our simple uploader tool, which acts a lot like attaching anything to an email. The most commonly uploaded document is a HIPAA authorization, but you can also attach additional materials such as a request letter, subpoena or blank affidavit questions.
  • Click Submit:Your request is delivered electronically directed to the provider.

How do I know the status of my records request?

  • The requestor can log in to ChartSwap, using their unique login credentials, and review the current request status notes. Providers will comment on their progress of completion, and that progress is represented in real-time to the requestor through the ChartSwap portal.
  • Based on the average turnaround time of ChartSwap requests, we have found that most requestors do not even need status updates.

Record Request Turn-Around Times

What is the average turn-around-time to receive my records, and how do you measure it?

  • The average provider turnaround time for ChartSwapped records is 7.5 days. Similar to the traditional records retrieval model, the turnaround time can vary from provider to provider.
  • Our software tracks and measures turnaround time for each submitted request using reporting tools built into the platform. Our customer service team follows up on requests that exceed the expected turnaround times. If you need assistance with a particular request, email us at [email protected] or or visit our Support Center.

Tracking Record Requests & Making Changes

Is the turnaround time the same for CloudNetwork™ Requests and Standard ChartSwap Requests?

Standard ChartSwap Requests can be responded to almost immediately.

CloudNetwork™ Requests are generally responded to the fastest because they eliminate the need for postal mail. CloudNetwork™ Requests are still largely dependent on individual provider’s internal workflows. By removing the barriers of faxes, snail mail and the need for status calls, our CloudNetwork™ Providers are able to greatly improve turnaround time on request fulfillment but may still be weighed down by some manual processes.  Chartswap is the fastest way to get records from both sets of Providers because its 100% digital.

On average, CloudNetwork Requests™ are returned 30-50% faster than traditional requests that do not utilize the ChartSwap platform.

Tracking Record Requests & Making Changes

How can I track a CloudNetwork™ Request?

Similar to regular Chartswap requests, the status of your request will be updated within the portal, eliminating the need for status calls. CloudNetwork™ requests come with the benefit of automatic status updates via the ChartSwap platform. To view the current status of a request, simply log into your account. If you have questions or concerns about a submitted CloudNetwork™ request, you may contact the provider directly.

How can I make a change to a CloudNetwork™ Request that has already been submitted?

Users can make changes to any ChartSwap Request by logging into your account and modifying the original request from within the portal.

Fees & Payments

What is the difference between the Instant Download Fee and the CloudNetwork™ Search Fee?

The Instant Download Fee pays the ability to instantly download records that have been uploaded directly by a Native ChartSwap Provider. It is paid upon retrieval of the electronically delivered records.

Chartswap CloudNetwork™ Search Fee pays for the convenience of obtaining records from the expanded network of providers via advanced cloud-based technology. It is paid at the time the request is initiated. Records can then be downloaded once the chosen CloudNetwork Provider has uploaded them to the ChartSwap Platform.  There is no Electronic Delivery Fee for instant downloads of these requests.

Can I pay for a CloudNetwork™ transaction by check?

No, because these transactions are digitally handed, CloudNetwork™ Requests must be paid for upfront and by an electronic payment method. Users can utilize a checking account for paymentby creating a PayPal account that allows users to pay the fee via ACH transfer rather than by credit card.

What if I want to obtain records from a CloudNetwork™ Provider but don’t want to pay the ChartSwap Search Fee?

Use of the Chartswap platform is optional. To pay and receive records by mail, you must contact the provider directly.

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

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5 Stars

I Give ChartSwap 5 Stars

I have found Chartswap to be an excellent source for my medical billing, and I wish more providers used them. The turnaround time has greatly improved in the 2 years that I have had an account with them. When it does happen that I find a (billing) discrepancy, I bring it to their attention, and they promptly correct it. I give ChartSwap 5 stars!!!!

5 Stars

Wish We Started Using ChartSwap Sooner

I cannot say enough good things about the folks at ChartSwap. We have now worked with them for two years and their platform has allowed our company to take a mammoth project — which was labor intensive, costly and not at all satisfactory for our customer — into a well-oiled, purring engine! I would never hesitate to recommend this company for their great product, more than reasonable rates, streamlined processes that allows us to process requests fairly and consistently and a team that is supportive, responsive and fair to both the provider and the requester alike. My only reservation is, why did it take us so long!!!!

5 Stars

Now Everything Is Electronic

With ChartSwap, we have completely eliminated the manual process. Now everything is electronic, which is so much more efficient. They are great getting back with solutions to our problems or requests. ChartSwap is able to fix all our problems and make requested modifications.

Christi, Intermedix

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