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ChartSwap 5 Star Review

Wish We Started Using ChartSwap Sooner

I cannot say enough good things about the folks at ChartSwap. We have now worked with them for two years and their platform has allowed our company to take a mammoth project — which was labor intensive, costly and not at all satisfactory for our customer — into a well-oiled, purring engine! I would never hesitate to recommend this company for their great product, more than reasonable rates, streamlined processes that allows us to process requests fairly and consistently and a team that is supportive, responsive and fair to both the provider and the requester alike. My only reservation is, why did it take us so long!!!!

ChartSwap 5 Star Review

I Give ChartSwap 5 Stars

I have found Chartswap to be an excellent source for my medical billing, and I wish more providers used them. The turnaround time has greatly improved in the 2 years that I have had an account with them. When it does happen that I find a (billing) discrepancy, I bring it to their attention, and they promptly correct it. I give ChartSwap 5 stars!!!!