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Medical Records Retrieval

Fast  Send, Receive & Pay for EMRs or Paper Medical Records in Minutes, Not Weeks

Simple  Connect with Any Requestor or Provider Nationwide, Easily & Online
Secure  SOC II Certified, HIPAA Compliant Web-Based Software with Automated Audit Trails
ChartSwap Medical Record Requestor & Provider Process
RECORD REQUESTORS Search For A Medical Records Provider
RECORD REQUESTORS Request Medical Records
RECORD REQUESTORS Download Your Records
PROVIDERS Receive Record Requests Online
PROVIDERS Upload Requested Records
PROVIDERS Receive Payment

How ChartSwap Works

ChartSwap enables HIPAA-Compliant medical record request of information (ROI) and medical records retrieval between registered requestors and medical record providers.

How Chartswap Works For Requestors
How Chartswap Works For Providers

How ChartSwap Benefits You

Save Time and Money

Save Time & Money By Increasing Your Turnaround Times

Average Transaction Is Completed Within 7 - 14 Days

50% Productivity Increase

ChartSwap Users Experience A 50% Average Increase In Productivity

Turn Your Cost Center Into A Profit Center With Advanced Workflows, Employee Productivity Reports And Dashboard

Digital Workflow

Digital Workflows Eliminate Phone Calls And Mail/Fax Costs

ChartSwap Has Over 95% Of Law Firms Utilizing Our Platform

Chartswap Handles Mailed Payments

ChartSwap Handles All Payments, Even Mailed Checks

Requestors View Medical Records When Payment Is Received

ChartSwap Is A SOC II Certified And HIPAA Compliant Solution

Includes State Of The Art Encryption And Other Enterprise-Class Security Features

Enhanced Data Security

Enhance Your Own Data Security

Automated And Persistent Logging Of Disclosures And Access To Records, Including An IP-Based Audit Trail

Certifications, Integration Partners & Affiliations