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medical canvassing

Top_5_Reasons_to_Request_a_Medical_CanvassMedical Canvassing

Top 5 Reasons to Request a Medical Canvass

Unveiling the Significance of Medical Canvassing In the intricate world of insurance claims, medical canvassing has emerged as a formidable tool, shedding light on undisclosed information, and offering a wealth of insights. A medical canvass is a service where a search is done in specified areas to gather detailed information on a claimant.  Canvasses of medical facilities, physician offices, specialists, laboratories, physical therapy clinics and pharmacies within a specified location radius are compiled to uncover any discrepancies and interventions in a claimant’s history. But why should one request a medical canvass? Let's explore the top five reasons. 1. Unearthing Hidden…
Emily Beaman
July 19, 2023