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Have you ever found yourself in need of crucial medical information for a case or claim? To ensure a comprehensive understanding, medical canvassing is a valuable tool that enables you to uncover and verify essential medical treatment details.


What is Medical Canvassing?

Medical canvassing is an effective method used to gather and validate medical treatment information. When you engage ChartSwap for a medical canvass, our team proactively reaches out to healthcare providers within a specific geographic area, covering the claimant’s or client’s residence, workplace and/or the site of the reported incident.

How does ChartSwap’s Medical Canvassing Process Work?

Step 1: Requesting Your Medical Canvass

Through the ChartSwap portal, you’ll be able to choose from a series of Canvassing Packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). The difference between packages is the number of hospitals and pharmacies you’d like to receive. You’ll also receive an option to add further canvass options to the order as well. Once received, our dedicated team confirms all necessary demographics using reliable third-party information resources. In case of any discrepancies, such as aliases, variations in date of birth, social security number or additional address history, our Client Success Team will contact you to review and clarify the information before final submission.

Step 2: Research and Analysis

Upon reviewing and confirming your request, our advanced software identifies and filters relevant medical facilities that match your specific criteria. This process ensures the exclusion of irrelevant or duplicate listings, resulting in a refined list of medical facilities to be contacted. Our experienced medical canvassing analysts then initiate contact with the identified medical facilities. Following the initial canvass, our meticulous quality control protocols ensure accuracy and reliability. Finally, the completed canvass is formatted to generate the final report.

Step 3: Accessing Your Online Report

Once the canvass has undergone thorough review and formatting, you will receive your completed medical canvass securely online. Additionally, if there is an established integration, the report can be conveniently uploaded to your third-party system for seamless review and integration.

Are you interested in experiencing the efficiency and reliability of ChartSwap’s medical canvassing process for your case discovery and investigations? Visit our website or reach out to us today to learn more about our services!

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