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Unveiling the Significance of Medical Canvassing

In the intricate world of insurance claims, medical canvassing has emerged as a formidable tool, shedding light on undisclosed information, and offering a wealth of insights.

A medical canvass is a service where a search is done in specified areas to gather detailed information on a claimant.  Canvasses of medical facilities, physician offices, specialists, laboratories, physical therapy clinics and pharmacies within a specified location radius are compiled to uncover any discrepancies and interventions in a claimant’s history.

But why should one request a medical canvass? Let’s explore the top five reasons.

1. Unearthing Hidden Medical Histories

The primary purpose of a medical canvass is to investigate a claimant’s undisclosed medical history. It serves as a detective, revealing treatments or procedures that the claimant might have conveniently omitted. This unearthing of hidden medical histories is crucial for claim accuracy and fairness, making a medical canvass an invaluable tool in the insurance claims process.

2. Deterring Fraudulent Claims

As unfortunate as it may be, insurance fraud is a reality that insurers grapple with daily. A medical canvass acts as a deterrent to such deceptive practices. By confirming the medical history of a claimant, it can reveal discrepancies and help thwart potential fraud. This can save insurers a significant amount of money that might otherwise be unjustly claimed.

3. Ensuring Comprehensive Evaluation

Medical canvassing provides insurers with a more comprehensive evaluation of a claim. By gathering all relevant medical information about a claimant, it ensures that no stone is left unturned. This completeness of information can lead to a more accurate assessment of the claim’s validity and value.

4. Facilitating Fair Claim Settlement

By verifying the claimant’s medical history and treatment, medical canvassing supports a fair claim settlement. It ensures that each claim is evaluated based on its merits and that the settlement is just and equitable. This not only upholds the principles of fairness but also fosters trust and goodwill between insurers and their customers.

5. Leveraging Technological Efficiency

Platforms like ChartSwap have made the process of medical canvassing more efficient than ever before. By enabling the quick and secure exchange of medical records, these platforms streamline the canvassing process into the records retrieval process, allowing for more effective and timely decision making in claims management.

Conclusion: The Indispensable Role of Medical Canvassing

Whether you’re an insurer, lawyer, or employer, the benefits of requesting a medical canvass are undeniable. From uncovering undisclosed medical histories and deterring fraud to facilitating a comprehensive evaluation and fair settlement of claims, medical canvassing is a game-changer in the insurance landscape.

The question isn’t whether you should request a medical canvass, but rather, when will you start? After all, knowledge is power, and in the world of insurance, that power translates to fairer, more accurate, and more cost-effective claims processing.

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