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In legal proceedings, even the tiniest piece of information can tip the scales. ChartSwap recently partnered with a plaintiff law firm representing a client that could not recall each of the medical facilities they had visited in the last two years. Knowing this gap in medical information was critical for their case, the plaintiff law firm decided to request a medical canvass for their client.

A medical canvass is a data-driven tool designed to target medical facilities in a specific geographic area to capture historical medical treatment on a specific person where gaps in information may exist.

By turning to ChartSwap, the law firm was able to uncover crucial treatment history. ChartSwap conducted an extensive search around the plaintiff’s residence address to find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

The Senior Paralegal at the law firm explained that “Canvassing has taken an important role in the life cycle of our cases; we will now run a canvass on any case that has the potential for a high dollar settlement.”

This case showcases the importance of efficient information management in high-stakes legal battles. As the legal landscape evolves, uncovering undisclosed information becomes even more crucial.

If you’d like to learn more about how ChartSwap helped this plaintiff law firm settle a high-stakes case before litigation, you can click here to access the full case study. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the power of strategic information management in the legal arena!

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